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Deep in the Cayo District a magnificent adventure awaits you in the ancient Maya cave. Explore Barton Creek Maya ceremonial cave canoeing downstream the riverine system that extends approximately 7 miles deep.
Today, cultural remains are still evident within the first mile from the cave’s entrance.

Touring Barton Creek cave is a cultural experience that will take you through the path of the ancient Mayas. Experience nature at its purest while traveling back in time. Barton Creek is located in western Belize, a district known for its most beautiful and natural scenery. Years of research have concluded that the Mayas used the cave to conduct ritual activities between the early classic to the late classic period.

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Barton Creek Experience:

Hearths: It is concluded by researchers that this may have signified evidence of rituals such as, burning of incense and agricultural fertility rituals.

Human Remains: According to archaeologists approximately 28 individuals both young children and older adults were found within the cave. Evidence of these human remains can still be spotted in the cave.

Artifacts: Many potteries, large jars, stone tools, can be spotted in Barton Creek cave along with facinating cave formations: It wouldn’t  be such a magnificent cave without the unique formation of stalactites and stalagmites

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