Belize is doing its’ part to Pollution more than ever before. Global pollution is one of the biggest challenges our beloved marine life can encounter. Belize stays clear from being on the list of “Most Polluted Countries in the World” fortunately. The country is not all clear from the issues of global pollution. Belize has recently passed a new legislation that will not only help to reduce plastics and Styrofoam but will ultimately ban its use in this Caribbean Paradise.

Recent Actions |Doing Its Part to Reduce Pollution

On March 20th, the Government of Belize advance a proposal led by the Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, Sustainable Development and Ministry of Economic Development Investment, Trade and Commerce. The proposal is an initiative to phase out single use plastic bags, styrofoam and plastic food utensils.

If you ask all sea lovers, this is a great way to help protect our seas. The Press Release goes on to mention: “These International debris are not only difficult to track, as they migrate with ocean currents, but they are prohibitively costly to clean up, some ending up on the Belize Barrier Reef.” Splash Dive Center does it part every year and know how difficult it is to clean up. Every year Splash Dive Center conducts an “Annual Laughing Bird Caye Clean Up” to help to mitigate the very same plastics that wash up ashore some of our most beloved islands.

Splash Dive Center would like to applaud our government on this initiative and also would urge them to continue in destination sustainability.