The Belize Placencia Lobster, a traditional Belize food fete celebrating the very scrumptious delicacy – lobster.

If you are a seafood lover and you are looking for unique ways to eat your way around Belize? You got to try one of Belize culinary festivals, the Placencia Lobster Festival.

As you may know, Placencia as is common knowledge, is a traditional fishing village. The very same local fishermen found a way to celebrate their fresh catch of the season by dubbing a Lobster Festival.

Things to Eat | Belize Placencia Lobster Festival

You wouldn’t expect any shortage of Lobster in every way shape and form. The variety of dishes made with lobster are some of the most creative in town. Here are a few of our all time favorites:

  • Curry Lobster
  • Grilled Lobster Burger
  • Lobster Hot Dog
  • Lobster Pasta
  • Grill Lobster

The Belize Placencia  Lobster Festival has found a way to spruce the creative juices with the lobster dishes by creating their very own “Lobster Cooking Competition”.  The lobster dishes are endless. Many local restaurants give birth to some of the most eye catching and tasty lobster dishes.

All these food favorites are accompanied by many of the Placencia well known artist. Musicians and even friends from near and far come to join in the fun for an entire weekend.

Be sure to plan your travels ahead of time, as this is sure a busy time for all Placencia residents. For more information on how to plan your Placencia Belize vacation contact us at