Belize Protecting our Marine Environment: Splash Clean Up!

Splash Dive Center is more than just a diving center. Splash Dive Center is focused on giving back to the community and to the environment.  The Caribbean Community Secretariat (2003) states the quantity of waste is closely linked to the level of economic activity in a country.  Like with many other countries the marine environment is important to Belize as it provides a way of life for many. Protecting our environment protects the marine species’ habitat. Each day we head out to sea we witness the diversity of the marine species and would like to continue sharing this beauty with the world.

SDC Laughing Bird Caye

Each year Splash Dive Center initiates a yearly clean-up campaign along with locals in Placencia, and nearby villages.  This year we are proud to have had many local sponsors participating in the Splash Clean Up campaign along with the Southern Environmental Association (SEA). Thanks to these marine friendly sponsors we were able to make this day a success!  The Splash Clean Up Campaign, once again took place at Laughing Bird Caye.

Laughing Bird Caye is situated within the Laughing Bird National Park only 11 miles off the coast from Placencia.  This island is considered one of the many gems found within the Belize Barrier Reed World Heritage Site. Its beauty is intact and it is the home to an abundant of diverse marine species.

Sadly, this island is often littered, as many trash washes up on its shore. This year we had approximately 150 individuals from nearby communities such as Placencia, Seine Beight, and Independence who came out on this day to clean up! These individuals range from students, to children, and adults. Splash Dive Center along with SEA plans a full day of activities: including snacks, lunch, cleaning the shore, and a session on the importance of conservation and protective area management.

Splash Dive Center is almost certain that this initiative sets the stage for a marine friendly community, who will come to appreciate the environment and contribute to a litter free Belize!

Thanks to all our sponsors and everyone who came out to participate on this day! Check out our Splash Clean Up video here!