Top 5 Jungle Expeditions – Belize Rainforest

Planning my trip to Belize and the Belize rainforest took a bit of research. Many of my close friends and family didn’t know much about Belize and questioned my vacation plans to visit a small unknown country.   In fact, I found that the tourist business slogan for Belize was “Nature’s Best Kept Secreti”.  However, Belize was exactly what I needed. Belize is certainly a natural beauty with its untouched tropical rainforest. As with many developed countries roads and skyscrapers have taken the beauty of nature away from us, the natural habitat of many animals and plants has been destroyed. Belize is distinct! It is known that 75% of Belize is covered in tropical forest, the colors, and shapes of many species of animals and birds that are found in the Belize rainforest are extraordinary.

Top 5 Jungle Expeditions

Belize is like no other. My adventurous side got the best of me as I learned about the top 5 jungle expeditions that I had to experience. I highly recommend that if you are planning your vacation to Belize you must take the tour of at least one of these jungle expeditions to the rain forest.

First, Belize is known for its archaeology and ancient history of the Mayas. Throughout Belize they are many different Maya expeditions that are worth experiencing. Indulge yourself in culture and history walking the paths of the Mayas amongst the many ancient Maya ceremonial temples.   

Second, Belize is proud to house one the first and largest jaguar preserve in the world, The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuaryand Jaguar Preserve. While visiting this unique sanctuary be on the look out for jaguars.

Third, caving in Belize is more than limestone formations. Belize is known to have the most extensive cave systems in the world. Experience the underworld of the Mayas and witness the authentic Maya artifacts that remain in the caves today. The most advanced cave, which was featured in National Geography ˜Top 10 Sacred Caves”, is Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Stone Sepulchre).  Actun Tunichil Muknal involves hiking, wading, and swimming.

Fourth, hiking amongst Belize’s tropical rainforest you are bound to hear the prominent and distinct sound of the howler monkeys. Visit the Community Baboon Sanctuary or take a boat ride up Monkey River, and get a chance of a lifetime to view the black howler monkeys enjoying their natural habitat.

Fifth, Belize has many natural jungle trails found across the country that are safe to explore alone or with a licensed tour guide.       Take a walk through a medicinal trail and learn about the many plants and herbs that are often used by locals for healing. Hiking, horseback riding, mounting biking, and canoeing down a river are only a few of the many ways to enjoy the diverse flora and fauna in Belize’s tropical rainforest.

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