This Is Why PlacenciaIs So Famous!

If you haven’t heard about Placencia, brace yourself as you are about to find out why Placencia is such a famous destination for many!

Placencia is a small fishing village in the Southeast coast of Belize. The peninsula offers the sea view on the east and the lagoon sunset view on the west. Placencia is world- renowned for Whale Shark Diving, but there is so much more to experience.
Placencia Offers the Best of Both Worlds
Placencia offers the best of both worlds. Inland charm and sea adventures relaxations. Inland you can experience the Maya culture along with famous Maya archeology and much […]

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Belize | Doing Its Part to Reduce Pollution

Belize is doing its’ part to Pollution more than ever before. Global pollution is one of the biggest challenges our beloved marine life can encounter. Belize stays clear from being on the list of “Most Polluted Countries in the World” fortunately. The country is not all clear from the issues of global pollution. Belize has recently passed a new legislation that will not only help to reduce plastics and Styrofoam but will ultimately ban its use in this Caribbean Paradise.
Recent Actions |Doing Its Part to Reduce Pollution
On March 20th, the Government of Belize advance a proposal led by the Ministry […]

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Belize Placencia Lobster Festival

The Belize Placencia Lobster, a traditional Belize food fete celebrating the very scrumptious delicacy – lobster.

If you are a seafood lover and you are looking for unique ways to eat your way around Belize? You got to try one of Belize culinary festivals, the Placencia Lobster Festival.

As you may know, Placencia as is common knowledge, is a traditional fishing village. The very same local fishermen found a way to celebrate their fresh catch of the season by dubbing a Lobster Festival.
Things to Eat | Belize Placencia Lobster Festival
You wouldn’t expect any shortage of Lobster in every way shape and form. […]


It is not often that a new sustainable tourism campaign surges, but when it does, Splash Dive Center is sure to be part of it.

The Sister Reef Project is a fundraiser powered by the people of Belize with proceeds supporting the World Wildlife Fund. Because Belize wants to remain the second greatest barrier reef in the world, we’ll share all proceeds with our sister reef, The Great Barrier Reef. Funds will be used to help restore and protect each barrier reef against future damage. When the reefs are better we are all better!

What better way to protect the reef and […]

Splash Featured On Belize Mek We Go

Splash Dive Center is feature on Belize’s 1st Digital Travel Show.| Belize Mek We Go. Placencia along with Laughing Bird Caye, Ras Mary and Garifuna Drumming were showcased in the very 1st Episode of Belize Mek We Go.
What is Belize Mek We Go?
Show Co-Producer Azalia Gongora explains that Belize Mek We Go is a unique travel show highlighting travel destinations in and around Belize. The show wants everyone to experience destinations like a local traveler through the eyes of our fun and entertaining hosts. Follow travel junkie Geraldine Sosa, and Belize’s most loved Chef, Sean Kuylen as they embark on […]

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Placencia Street Festival

Placencia Street Festival

 The Placencia Street Festival is one of the most sought after festivals for many local artists. It can be said to be the mecca for many young Belizean entrepreneurs who are actively looking for avenues to get their work known. Placencia Street Festivals does just this for most Belize artist. It goes without saying that this is the biggest and the only Festival that sets Belize talent front stage and centered.

Placencia Village is the perfect place to host a Street Festival due to it’s very high concentration of local artist. On an average day you can encounter many […]

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Escape the Crowds & Discover The Real Belize

Belize has got to be on your bucket list to travel. Why you may ask? The answer is simple. Belize remains one of the few unspoiled destinations to visit. Here is why.

With less airlift, no crowded beaches and few to none American Franchises, Belize has kept its charm. Belize is a unique, local friendly tourism destination. Of course some may look at these factors and think is a negative set back, but is it? In the age of less is more, Belize is abundant of more unique experiences than most of our regional competitors.
Discover The Real Belize| Belize Uniqueness
Belize is […]

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Explore Belize Mainland Attractions of Western Belize

Western Belize offers plenty of attractions. Explore Belize and its many activities ranging from archeological sites, National Parks, botanical gardens, medicinal trails, butterfly farms and a variety of activities. Are you a nature lover, an adventure seeker? Western Belize is where you should start your Belize Adventure.

The Cayo district offers plenty of adventures for the trill seeker and then there is the local charm to each town and village.
Explore Belize |Top Things To Do In Cayo
Medicine Trails

If you are a nature seekers, Belize will just sweep your feet away as Belize’s Flora and Fauna is one of the richest in […]

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Sunsets In Belize | Top 3 Picks


Belize’s geography as it is located on the east of Central America makes sunsets a rare find as they usually set on the west. Sunsets in Belize are just perfect to be kissed by the sun during that golden hour. Many locals are unaware as to how fortunate they are to call Belize their home, but the few that do would gladly share their best sunset spots in Belize.
Sunsets In Belize |Here are Our all time fav spots to sit back and enjoy the view!
Placencia Lagoon Sunset

Many tourist are unaware, but if you choose to enjoy a Sunset Lagoon Cruise, […]

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Getting Married In Belize |Top Belize Wedding Ideas

Selecting a wedding venue is a difficult task. When you select a destination where exotic locals inspire romance, and natural beauty compliments you and yours, Belize is your destination of choice!

Belize has what locals like to brag about “The Best of Both Worlds”. Maya Heartland along with the Maya civilization and The Belize Barrier Reef, which is the largest reef within the Northern and Western Hemisphere.

From Island Weddings to Exotic Rainforest and Ancient Civilization “I Do” settings
Getting Married In Belize |Top Belize Wedding Ideas
Island Weddings:

Imagine a private island to tie the knot for you and your party. Swaying palm trees […]

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