Explore Belize’s Wild Side in a Friendly Setting

The Belize Zoo,established in 1983 the Belize and Tropical Educational Center have seen more than1 million visitors, and a large collection of animals. The zoo sits on some 29 acres of tropical savanna and boasts an exhibit of over 150 animals.

The Belize Zoo is ideally located approximately 25 minutes drive from Belize City on the George Price Highway. The history of its existence is unique. The founder, Sharon Matola, a biologist with great passion for the wildlife, was the first to raise awareness of Belize’s wildlife and the need for conservation. Since its existence the focus dwells upon the health […]

Splash Dive Center grounds has its own little Belize flora and fauna.

The term “flora” comes from Latin language Flora, the goddess of plants, flowers, and fertility in Roman mythology. The corresponding term for animal life is fauna.

Photo by: James Cleeve Westby – Yellow Bell

Everyday I sit back and enjoy the beauty of our garden that surround our center. We have so many different types of plants and flowers. My favourite are the hibiscus plants at least that what I think we call them… there are so many colors, We have a yellow bell, a pink bell and of course the red bell, which the cinnamon humming birds seem to like very […]