Belize response to covid-19

Belize is weathering the covid-19 virus very well. The country wide lock-down seems to be limiting the spread of the disease as we have had no new cases for 9 days. Belize has had 18 cases, two of which sadly resulted in loss of life.

As I reported a couple of weeks ago, the Belize government has acted quickly and strongly to protect Belize from the effects of the virus. The border was closed on March 23 when the first case of covid-19 was detected. For the month of April, non-essential businesses were ordered to close and food providing businesses hours […]

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Every sustainable business needs a deeper purpose than simply providing a service and making money. At Splash we decided that our mission is to teach the world about the beauty of Belize and the need to protect and preserve this special place. We sincerely want each and every guest who comes to Splash to become ambassadors for Belize.

We have a larger part of our country protected by wildlife sanctuaries, parks and forest reserves than any other country in the world. We have the longest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere – a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the […]

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Belize | The Best Diving Destination In Central America

Warm waters, magnificent marine life and pristine location are but only a few things make Belize the best diving destinations in Central America.

Not to boast, but Belize’s marine preservations efforts coupled with the natural marine landscape and beauty make it a top diving destination. Belize has three of the 4 atolls in the region making its waters so much more attractive than our neighbors. Not to mention the fact that there are hundreds of cayes throughout the country. Here is where divers can reenergize while enjoying a beach break!
Belize What You Will See At The Reef & Best Diving Destination […]

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Belize | Doing Its Part to Reduce Pollution

Belize is doing its’ part to Pollution more than ever before. Global pollution is one of the biggest challenges our beloved marine life can encounter. Belize stays clear from being on the list of “Most Polluted Countries in the World” fortunately. The country is not all clear from the issues of global pollution. Belize has recently passed a new legislation that will not only help to reduce plastics and Styrofoam but will ultimately ban its use in this Caribbean Paradise.
Recent Actions |Doing Its Part to Reduce Pollution
On March 20th, the Government of Belize advance a proposal led by the Ministry […]

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Splash Featured On Belize Mek We Go

Splash Dive Center is feature on Belize’s 1st Digital Travel Show.| Belize Mek We Go. Placencia along with Laughing Bird Caye, Ras Mary and Garifuna Drumming were showcased in the very 1st Episode of Belize Mek We Go.
What is Belize Mek We Go?
Show Co-Producer Azalia Gongora explains that Belize Mek We Go is a unique travel show highlighting travel destinations in and around Belize. The show wants everyone to experience destinations like a local traveler through the eyes of our fun and entertaining hosts. Follow travel junkie Geraldine Sosa, and Belize’s most loved Chef, Sean Kuylen as they embark on […]

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Escape the Crowds & Discover The Real Belize

Belize has got to be on your bucket list to travel. Why you may ask? The answer is simple. Belize remains one of the few unspoiled destinations to visit. Here is why.

With less airlift, no crowded beaches and few to none American Franchises, Belize has kept its charm. Belize is a unique, local friendly tourism destination. Of course some may look at these factors and think is a negative set back, but is it? In the age of less is more, Belize is abundant of more unique experiences than most of our regional competitors.
Discover The Real Belize| Belize Uniqueness
Belize is […]

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Happy Garifuna Settlement Day 2015!

The Garinagu, are valiant fighters who today continue to practice their cultural values within the land they occupy. These are people who have triumphed in history and their celebration is grandiose. The Garinagu are the descendants of Carib, Arawak and West African people who lived in the Lesser Antilles, especially St. Vicent.

The Garinagu arrived in Belize in 1802 and settled in Southern Belize. The historic activist, Thomas Vincent Ramos, cannot be overlooked, as he disputed for the rights of African-descent people in Belize. Thomas Ramos along with Pataleon Hernandez and Domingo Ventura spoke freely and successfully petitioned for the government […]

Southwest Flies to Belize

Who wouldn’t want to come to Belize?

Southwest has announced non-stop flight to the jewel, Belize starting October 15, 2015. The opening of this new international flight to Belize is sure to boost the already up and coming visits to Belize. CEO Gary Kelly, announced it will be adding flights to Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Belize from Houston’s largest airport, George Bush Continental. The addition of these flights will surely bring about competition with other airlines, mainly United Airlines.

Brad Hawkins, Senior Advisor for Communication for Southwest visited Belize’s number one tourism destination, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, in February of this month […]

Belize & Splash Dive Center Welcomes Southwest

Southwest Airlines has expanded services to Belize. On October 15. 2015 Southwest first nonstop flight landed at the Phillip S.W. Goldson International Airport from Houston Hobby International Terminal. This was certainly a historic flight as it was Southwest first time landing in Belize. This flight is sure to cause competition with the other major airlines currently flying to Belize. Southwest is known for having the lowest rates compared to its competitors.

Southwest Airlines definitely gives you the most bang for your buck with:

Free checked bags up to 50 lbs.
No Change fees
Friendly flight attendants
Restrictions are limited

The first flight to Belize was certainly a […]

Belize September Celebrations |Belize’s Patriotic Colors: Red, White and Blue showcased

Belize September Celebrations |Belize’s Patriotic Colors: Red, White and Blue showcased
The month of September is time for a joyful celebration. On this month patriotism shines bright, as everyone shares in the joy of celebrating their homeland. Events are scheduled throughout the month with the opening of the National Song Competition held in the old capital, Belize. The song competition is held in August and is in preparation for September. Everyone has a chance to submit a unique song based solely on their patriotism to the country. New talents are discovered as everyone participates in making September a joyful and memorable […]

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