Our Community

The owners of Splash Dive Center, Patty Ramirez and Ralph Capeling, and the entire staff, are not only committed to giving their guests the highest standards of service, comfort and convenience on their vacation, they are have designed several different scuba diving trips, packages and snorkelling trips that take their clients to the best dive sites on the Belize Barrier reef, both close to Placencia and further afar such as UNESCO world heritage site and marine park Glovers Reef.

All of Splash Dive Centers scuba diving and snorkelling staff are PADI professionals and registered with the Belizean Tourism Operators association, and for our Whale shark tours, they are educated and licensed for proper interaction with Whale sharks, so you get the most from your encounter and trip to Gladden Spit when the Whale sharks are in season.

Splash Dive Centers is committed to long term sustainable tourism and diving practices, and to create opportunities for the community of Placencia for the short and long term, and also to protect the Belize Barrier reef, the Whale sharks of Gladden Spit and all the other aquatic life that we are so privileged to be able to show our scuba divers and snorkelers.

There are several initiatives that we are involved in on a local level to protect our dive sites, such as the Placencia Mooring Masters project, and on an international level to learn more about our Whale sharks behaviour, such as the Eco Ocean project. We also support international initiatives from PADI's project Aware, to protect our coastal zones, dive and snorkelling sites of the Belize Barrier reef, and our aquatic life, and also to better educate our guests.


Splash Dive Center also run community projects such as the ‘Splash Kids Club’ to help sponsor and bring the children of Placencia into the sport of scuba diving, and provides them an educational opportunity, and future career as a dive professional and tourism guide, which many local families cannot afford financially.  However it is critical for the long term health of the Belize Barrier reef, and Placencia that younger generations are involved in the protection and realise the importance of this eco system to our communities.

We encourage our snorkelers, and divers, past, present and future to read more about the local and international projects that Splash Dive Center is involved in, as your time diving with us helps support our initiatives, protect the Belize Barrier reef and support the local community of Placencia.

There is also the opportunity for our guests to donate, and sponsor some of our initiatives, such as the Placencia Mooring Masters and the Splash Kids Club, or to get involved with our Project Aware and Eco Ocean projects.

Together we make a difference