PADI’s Project Aware in Placencia Belize

padi project aware placencia

Project Aware is a non-profit registered 501c in the United States and worldwide. Project Aware is about protecting worldwide aquatic systems and educating current divers and future generations to care and conserve our aquatic eco-systems.

By thinking globally and acting locally, Splash Dive Center is a whole hearted supporter of Project AWARE, and in addition to protecting and conserving the Belize Barrier reef and Whale sharks of Gladden Spit, we also aim to better educate all our scuba divers, snorkelers and guests when they spend their vacation with us in the beautiful village of Placencia in Southern Belize.

Six million tonnes of debris enter the world’s oceans every year wreaking havoc on underwater creatures and environments. For 20 years, Project AWARE Foundation has led underwater and shoreline cleanup efforts in partnership scuba divers worldwide and Ocean Conservancy. On Earth Day 2009, more than 90 countries collected a staggering 140’814 cigarette filters, 78’854 plastic bags and found baby sharks, fairy penguins, moray eels and sea turtles, entangled and killed by the debris.  In 2012 on International Cleanup Day, Project Aware recorded 95 704 pounds of debris recovered from our seas!

On Earth Day 2012 in Placencia Belize, 70 enthusiastic kids aged 10 to 16 and some dedicated parents and Earth Day supporters turned out for a day of environmental participation and fun at Laughing Bird Caye organized by Splash Dive Center and Southern Environmental Association. The main objectives were to have fun, learn about the environment and to do a thorough cleanup of the garbage that had drifted onto the caye over the past year, and prevent from damaging our barrier reef system. In addition to being a National Park and World Heritage site, Laughing Bird Caye is a showcase for the beauty of Belize visited by thousands of tourists and Belizeans every year.

A members of Splash’s Kids Diving Club, a park ranger and  a scientist did impressive presentations on marine turtles, lion fish, and reef ecology. Forty five drum sized bags of garbage were collected and brought back to Placencia for proper disposal. All enjoyed a great lunch on the beach thanks to local restaurants and grocery stores. Local companies and NGOs provided boats. boat fuel, garbage bags, lunches and refreshments.

Splash customers can support Project Aware by leaving only bubbles where you dive and picking up debris to bring back to shore for proper disposal. You can also help protect the aquatic realm by being a role model, diving carefully and not touching corals by maintaining good buoyancy and keeping your equipment properly tucked in.  If you want to learn more, download Project Aware’s Debris Action Kit here.

We support the Belize barrier reef, our local communities sustainability, the village of Placencia, and PADI’s Project Aware in our daily snorkeling and scuba diving activities.

Learn more about Project Aware and make an environmental choice with Splash