Placencia Tour Guides Association, Belize

Patty Ramirez, one of Splash Dive Centers co-owners, is very active with the many NGOs that support the tourism business in Placencia and in Belize, and part of Splash Dive Centers mission statement is to support and reinvest in our local community. Patty is also Vice Chairman of the Placencia Tour Guides Association, and secretary of the Tour Operators Association.

Both of these organizations are committed to sustainable tourism which is the lifeblood of our community and critical for a long term healthy marine and terrestrial environment. All tourism guides in Placencia and Belize must undertake training and pass an exam that demonstrates that they have the knowledge to educate visitors and they understand the proper environmental practices required to protect our environment and the ecology or the areas they tour. Belize law requires all divers in marine reserves and parks to be accompanied by a PADI dive master or instructor who is a licensed guide, with special training and licenses required for whale shark diving and snorkelling.

While it is possible to visit many of the attractions in Belize on your own, a qualified guide will provide you with a much deeper understanding of what you see, experience and you'll also be supporting the local community of Placencia and the long term sustainability of our environment. Visitors to Belize should ensure that the guides they are using are properly licensed and Splash Dive Center can help you with guided tours and finding a suitable itinery and guide for your vacation in Placencia, and throughout Belize.

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