Supporting our Community & Placencia Tourism Businesses in Belize

In early 2011, a group of friends and Placencia tourism business owners initiated a new organization called the Placencia Tourism Business Organization (PTBO), designed to help Belizean owned businesses and native sons survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment on the Placencia peninsula.  While Ralph and Patty are not native sons, they were invited to participate as “founding fathers” of this new organization.  Ralph and Patty were happy to support this initiative as these are the very people that give this peninsula its special character and charm.

Some local businesses are doing well, many are just hanging on and the rate of unemployment and under-employment is high.  New businesses that have easier access to capital and modern business techniques are moving into the peninsula.  While investment Placencia Tourism Business Organizationand development are welcome, Belizeans from Placencia are concerned that this should not be at the expense of businesses that have been here for a long time or at the expense of native sons who are trying to establish viable businesses or provide services. Ralph and Patty helped by participating in the discussions and preparing the draft Articles and Memorandum of Association for regularization by a lawyer and paying for the legal fees to get this new organization registered.  Splash also provided an office for the group and paid the power and water bill up to the end of 2012.

The Placencia Tourism Business Organization (PTBO) mission/vision is to protect, promote and preserve the native business in Placencia Village by working hand in hand with native business to enhance their business, and promoting local tourism. Splash encourages its customers to use locally owned businesses and displaying this logo.