Splash Junior Dive Club in Placencia

One of Splash Dive Centers co-owners, Patty Ramirez, started a program called Splash Junior Dive Club where local Belizean kids can learn to dive for free. She uses the opportunity to teach them the importance of protecting our environment and introduce them to the marvels of the Belizean barrier reef that our guests are privileged to scuba dive on, but that local families and children cannot afford.


Splash has issued 150 certifications from PADI junior open water to junior master scuba diver and dive master since 2006. Three “children” have reached the first professional level, Dive Master, and two of them are now working for Splash.  The third “graduate” of the Splash Junior Dive Club used his qualification to move to the USA and join the United States Navy.  We hope to be able to continue the program to develop more young Belizeans into PADI professionals.  As Dive masters and scuba diving Instructors they can have the opportunity to develop careers in the dive industry and create more of a commitment within the local community to protecting our reef and environment. The biggest difference we can make as scuba divers, to the future health of our corals reefs, is to educate the next generation.  When you dive with Splash Dive Center, you help support our long term mission.

In 2012, Patty invited the first international student who arrived with her parents and progressed through to junior master scuba diver, the highest non professional level in the PADI system.  Her parents also became divers!

To date, this program has been sponsored entirely by Splash but contributions from others in the form of books or financial contributions would be welcome.

Sponsor a child and enjoy Belize's barrier reef for years to come!