Placencia Mooring Masters Reef Project in Belize

Protecting the Belize Barrier Reef and creating more dive sites for scuba divers and snorkelers

Splash is very committed to the protection and preservation of the reef environment in Belize. Patricia Ramirez is an active member of Placencia Mooring Masters, an organization that uses funds that it raises to install mooring buoys at the popular dive sites to protect our reef from anchor damage. The first one that Splash Dive Shop sponsored is at Laughing Bird Caye (National Park and World Heritage Site) on the very popular and appealing dive site known as Coral Gardens . While Patty no longer has to time to go out to the mooring buoy while on dive trips to personally clean the barnacles from the buoy and the anchor line, she is still very committed to the objectives of PMM.  Splash has provided the funds for a second buoy which is awaiting installation as soon as other buoy and buoy materials are in place.  The Splash contribution to buoy installation includes providing boats, and fuel, scuba tank fills.

In addition to protecting the environment and reef, programs like this benefit the community and the attitude of the community to support sustainable tourism so that future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of Placencia and environs.

Placencia mooring masters Belize environmental projects

Splash Dive Center has and will continue to contribute to additional mooring buoys at popular dive sites in the Placencia area by providing funds, dive boat time, scuba tanks and manpower. Mooring buoys are also required at popular mooring sites for the many sailing vessels that visit Placencia's cayes as well as on dive sites on the reef. Any donations clients make to this important project to protect our marine environment will be greatly appreciated. You can get additional information by going to and searching for Placencia Mooring Masters or you can find Placencia Mooring Masters on Facebook by going to Placencia Mooring Masters (PMM), Placencia, Belize, Facebook.

When you scuba dive and snorkel with Splash you help sustain the life of our barrier reef