Placencia Whale Shark day events

Whale Shark Day in Placencia is a fun and educational experience to teach care and concern for the environment and the community. It is aimed primarily at teaching the children of Placencia about whale sharks and the need to protect them and to preserve the environment for them, however all our guests are welcome to join in the day. The village of Placencia gathers on the beach in a carnival like atmosphere where fun is mixed with serious education.

If you are interested in learning more about the Placencia Whale Sharks of Gladden Spit, we recommend enrolling on our Project Aware Whale shark specialty program to get the most from your encounter.

Southern Environmental Association, SEA, an NGO responsible for whale shark tourism at Gladden Spit takes a leading role in Whale shark awareness and protection.  Splash Dive Center is a major contributor to this annual event as are the kids from the Splash Junior Dive Club who enthusiastically share their diving and dive related knowledge with other kids.

When you choose to dive with Splash, you also support our local community and Whale shark conservation