Belize has got to be on your bucket list to travel. Why you may ask? The answer is simple. Belize remains one of the few unspoiled destinations to visit. Here is why.

With less airlift, no crowded beaches and few to none American Franchises, Belize has kept its charm. Belize is a unique, local friendly tourism destination. Of course some may look at these factors and think is a negative set back, but is it? In the age of less is more, Belize is abundant of more unique experiences than most of our regional competitors.

Discover The Real Belize| Belize Uniqueness

Belize is the only Central American country; whose official language is English. Imagine arriving at your vacation destination and be greeted in your own language. No need to figure out how to say this and that… just effortless.

Belize is also the only Central American Caribbean country in the world! Yes, you read right. Belize is geographical located in Central America however it is also part of the Caribbean. Why should you care? Imagine packing the best of your Caribbean experiences, the beaches, the warm tropical climate, it’s friendly people along side the Inland Adventures Central America offers, like the Maya Civilization and it’s temples, Nature Expeditions, and most importantly wildlife.

Let’s just say that Belize is an easy destination to scratch off your bucket list. Belize has so many experiences to be had that maybe just maybe you may need to scratch it off your bucket list a few times.