The Belize Zoo,established in 1983 the Belize and Tropical Educational Center have seen more than1 million visitors, and a large collection of animals. The zoo sits on some 29 acres of tropical savanna and boasts an exhibit of over 150 animals.

The Belize Zoo is ideally located approximately 25 minutes drive from Belize City on the George Price Highway. The history of its existence is unique. The founder, Sharon Matola, a biologist with great passion for the wildlife, was the first to raise awareness of Belize’s wildlife and the need for conservation. Since its existence the focus dwells upon the health and preservation of its animals. The zoo keeps animals who are orphaned, rescued, or those being rehabilitated.

Explore Belize's Wild

When visiting the Belize Zoo make sure you meet the following:

  • Tropical and colorful Keel-billed toucan, also the national bird of Belize
  • Bold and fierce jaguar, Junior Buddy, be sure to ask about getting up close and personal with him.
  • Mystical black Jaguar, Lucky Boy
  • Humble and friendly Tapir (Mountain Cow), Fuego, also the national animal of Belize
  • Energetic & Loud Spider/Howler Monkeys who will strike a pose to get your attention.

Explore the Belize zoo!

The animals and birds found at the Zoo are all native to Belize and most have been rescued or rehabilitated. The pathways at the Belize Zoo are natural and intriguing making it seems as if you are walking out in the jungle.

The Belize Zoo opens everyday at 8:30 am and closes at 4:30 pm. Plan a quick stop in, as it is conveniently located on the way to other great Belize Destinations.

Visit the best little zoo in the world and let us help you plan your next Belize Vacation!