Known for their vibrant colors, the pumping rhythm, and their delicious cuisines, the Garifuna is an astonishing culture that is ALIVE in Belize. As a matter of fact, the culture is known for the beauty of their traditions, beliefs, language, and people. Consequently the vibrant colors used by the Garifuna are predominantly black, white and yellow. As a result, the Garifuna Flag and traditional clothing is a combination of these colors.

Garifuna Settlement Day


Belize is home to approximately 15,000 Garinagu. Uniquely, the Garifuna culture makes up 7% of Belize’s total population. However, their impact on Belize’s social fabric is immense. The Garinagu are amicable and gentle people. Garinagu are proud of their culture, and  maintained their traditions, customs and beliefs up to this day. The Garinagu arrived in Belize in 1823. All things Garifuna is celebrated on November 19th a day set aside to honor the cultural heritage of its people and its contributions.


Dance & Food

The Garinagu has many remarkable achievements as a culture disseminating across the Central American region. The Garinagu enjoys dancing the traditional dance known as “punta”! Punta is an exciting dance that incorporates hypnotic control and enjoyment! This dance pre-eminently goes along with the sounds of the Garifunas drums that holds its own rhythm and often fills the atmosphere with ecstasy. The Garifuna food is often a combination of ground foods, and coconut milk. Dishes such as “Serreh”, “Hud-Dut”, and “Tapow” can be found at many restaurants across Belize.


The Garifuna is Alive in Belize and is ready to drench your soul into another world of life, rhythm and culture!