Belize’s Jungle

Jungle tours in Belize are amazing! Of course,  as long as I am feeling safe during a thrilling adventurous tour my guide has to be doing something right. Belize occupies 80% of forestry most of them are under government protection. The forest provides the perfect habitat for animals, birds, and tropical flowers and plants.


This week I had an exciting opportunity to enjoy the natural habitat that Belize has to offer via a thrilling ride zip lining not far from Belize City.

My Zip line Experience

The thought of flying through the jungle was scary. I was a bit at ease after I was briefed and geared up. The first zip line was a short length into the jungle. Firstly I had to remember to stay “relaxed” and to press down on the line when it was time to break. I was certain I could take on that challenge. After our first entry into the jungle we continued through a hike in the mountains.


By the second zip line I was ready.  I promised myself I would not tense up.   Standing on the platform finally hooked up to the lines I started to feel the jitters. I sat on air and I was off. Incomparable to anything is the thrilling moment when nothing else matters and your half way through the ride.  I breathed in and out, the wind touched my face, and the adrenaline rush started to flow within my body, I was revitalized. For the first time: those few seconds, I was alone! Alone, flying within this beautiful jungle filled with evergreen trees and natural plants.

To top it off, as I got off one of the most thrilling rides of this year, I was about to cross a hammock bridge. Wow! The topping on the cake!

It is no doubt Belize has so much to offer whether it is above or below the beautiful Caribbean Sea. It is up to you to take that first step and book your flight to Belize.