Splash Dive Center Protecting the Belize Barrier Reef: Lionfish Safaris

Splash Dive Center is dedicated to saving the reef one Lionfish at a time. Every year through the hype of the Lobster fest the Splash Team conducts one of its annual Lionfish Safaris. Taking care of the coral reef should come first to anyone who enjoys the sport of diving.


It is important to note that the Lionfish also known as Pterois volitans are a venomous species of fish. Lionfish are known as one of the top predators both to humans and other marine creatures. This creature can grow as large as 18 inches and can consume up to 50 species of fish per day including ecologically and economically important species. The problem is that Lionfish are not native to our waters and to this day have no known predators. The reproduction rate of lionfish is alarming and poses a great risk to the ecosystem.


Join the Splash team in hunting down Lionfish and protecting the ecosystem, one lionfish at a time. This year our team went out on its Lionfish Safari and brought in a total of 278 Lionfish.

Splash Dive Center will continue to protect the Belize Barrier Reef. Come join us on our next Lionfish Safari.