Splash Dive Center is feature on Belize’s 1st Digital Travel Show.| Belize Mek We Go. Placencia along with Laughing Bird Caye, Ras Mary and Garifuna Drumming were showcased in the very 1st Episode of Belize Mek We Go.

What is Belize Mek We Go?

Show Co-Producer Azalia Gongora explains that Belize Mek We Go is a unique travel show highlighting travel destinations in and around Belize. The show wants everyone to experience destinations like a local traveler through the eyes of our fun and entertaining hosts. Follow travel junkie Geraldine Sosa, and Belize’s most loved Chef, Sean Kuylen as they embark on an epic adventure across Belize and other fun destinations. Watch as they meet up with famous locals and learn how to do things a bit differently.

Here are the three segments that were aired on FB Live which showcased what Belize and Placencia have to offer.

Laughing Bird Caye Drumming Experience


This is something that we make available to our guest most of the time- Patty Ramirez

Snorkeling at Laughing Bird Caye


Special Feature| Interview with Patty Ramirez from Splash Dive Center.


Splash Dive Center was honored to have been selected to kick off this Belizean innovative digital travel Show. Keep watching more as they make their way around Belize.