Explore the Maya underworld during your next Cave Tubing Adventure. Enter the exciting world of rivers as you float on an inner tube to kick-start your adventure.

As you float through the underground river of caves, swirl around through the mist and take in the view of the stalactites looming from above. Certainly this is an adventure tour for one and all.

Cave-Tubing Adventure

Cave tubing is one of the most popular tours in Western Belize. This tour combines archeology alongside soft adventure. This adventure tour is commonly combined with a Zip-Line Adventure, which gives you a greater sense of excitement and compliments your caving experience.

The underground cave system is one of the most extensive cave systems in the region and much different from cave systems in North America. The ancient Maya considered the caves as the entrance to the underworld, “Xibalba” and archeologist has confirmed these caves were once used extensively for ceremonial rituals in Belize. As you float through the cave be sure to spot the many remains of the once ancient sacrificial chambers.

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