Do you want an opportunity to give back to Belize’s beautiful Caribbean Sea?

USA TODAY’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards has listed Belize’s Blue Hole as a contender for Best Caribbean Dive Site.

We are certain that Belize has a few of the best dive sites around the world. Divers experience warm waters, clear diving visibility, and view a multitude of marine species. The Blue Hole is a part of the Belize Barrier Reef System, a World Heritage site.  Charles Darwin himself stated the reef to be “the richest and most remarkable coral reefs in the western Caribbean”.


The Blue Hole, a sinkhole created after the collapse of an underground cavern and cave system. Almost perfectly circular, the Blue Hole is about 1000 feet/300mt in diameter and over 400 feet/130mt deep. Huge stalactites can be found at depths starting around 100 feet/30mt hanging from the ceiling of caves. The formation of these stalactites and sheer sided wall is the most interesting feature of this dive.  Visit Splash Belize to learn more about the Blue Hole

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