Diving in Belize is like no other! Belize is a diving mecca, as it offers a variety of dive sites including wall dives, reef dives, cave dives, drift dives, and coral-garden diving, to name a few. Dive within the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest Barrier Reef glistened with a variety of natural corals and populated with marine habitats. If diving is your passion, diving in Belize must be on the top of your bucket-list. Sharpen your skills when you scuba Belize and enjoy learning new ones as you witness amazing sea life and a chance to explore mid-ocean atolls.
The following are 5 of our very own diving tips:
Tip 1: Know your Weight Settings
Having to constantly add and vent air on your BCD is a sign of being overweighted, making it difficult to maintain buoyancy.  A properly weighted diver can swim more effortlessly and can exercise depth control using lungs rather than the low pressure inflator.
Tip 2:  Distributing Weights
When distributing weights, place an equal amount on both sides of a weighted-integrated BCD or weight belt. Think about the way a boat glides through the water. Many times a captain may say “Can I get two people on the left or right side?”  Ever wondered why?  He is trying to balance the boat, not only for a smoother ride, but to ensure that the boat is streamlined and can glide through the water with as less resistance as possible. The same happens when you scuba dive.
Tip 3 Proper Trim
The most efficient way to move under water is in a horizontal position.  Distribute your weight so that you are horizontal.  Some BCDs have upper pockets that allow you to place some weight higher or you can set your tank higher on your BCD if you tend to swim head up.   Consider ankle weights or setting your tank lower on your BCD is you tend to swim head down.
Tip 4-Efficient Kick Style
There are several ways to kick but the most common is the flutter kick.  Try to keep your legs fairly straight, kick from the hip with long slow kicks and avoid moving your arms.  If you kick twice as fast, you will not go twice as fast, but you will use 4 times as much air!  Slow divers tend to see more and their air lasts longer. 
TIP 5 Secure all your Gear
Be sure to secure all accessory gear close to your body. Again, this reduces drag and resistance, making your dive a more pleasant and enjoyable one.
If you are planning on visiting Belize, be sure to dive with Splash Dive Center in Placencia, Belize for an ultimate diving experience. Our certified guides will provide you with tips before, during, and after your dives, so as to enhance your diving skills.

Splash Dive Center is a PADI Resort Facility and an Instructor Development Center. To learn more about diving in Belize contact me at patricia@splashbelize.com