Splash Dive Center and Placencia, Belize

Splash Dive Center is a PADI Five Star Instructor Development Center providing scuba diving, snorkeling and inland adventure and cultural tours in Placencia and Belize since the year 2000.  Splash was selected twice by the Belize Tourism Board as Tour Operator of the Year – only one other dive center has won this award and Splash has been chosen twice.

Splash Mission:  Splash intends to be the premier dive center and adventure tour operator of choice in Belize.

Splash Vision:  Splash wants to be recognized as the most professional tour operator in Belize.

Splash Philosophy:  Splash wants to teach the world about the beauty of Belize and the need to protect and preserve this special place on Planet Earth. We encourage our customers to become ambassadors for Placencia and Belize.

During your stay with us, we’ll educate you not just about the local reef and amazing pristine jungle, but we’ll also show you how our community is a model of environmental sustainability and what makes Placencia the Real Belize!

Splash Dive Center was founded by Patty Ramirez in 2000 and is also a very important community stakeholder in the village of Placencia and actively involved in both community and environmental projects for protection and sustainable growth.

Patty founded the Splash Kids Club, which helps kids from the local community, who cannot afford scuba lessons, to get certified as PADI Junior Open Water divers. Not only does this help the kids enjoy the rewards of scuba diving, but it gets them started on a potential career as a local guide or PADI Instructor, and more importantly educates them about the importance of long term environmental conservation.  The Splash Running Team supports kids and youth training as well as competitive running in Belize.

When you choose to take your dive training, snorkeling trips, scuba diving package of fun dives or inland adventure and cultural tours with Splash Dive Center, you won’t just receive the highest standards of service.  You will be actively contributing back to the long term sustainability of tourism in Placencia and helping to support our local community and make us one of the most proactive and best dive shops in Belize.

Together we make a difference