Splash Dive Center ‘Mission Statement and Philosophies’

Our environment and your satisfaction are the fundamentals of our operation

Splash Mission Statement
Splash intends to be the premier dive center and adventure tour operator of choice in Belize.

Splash Vision
Splash wants to be recognized as the most professional scuba diving and snorkel operator in Belize.

Splash Philosophy
Splash wants to teach the world about the beauty of Belize and the need to protect and preserve this special place on Planet Earth. We will encourage our customers to become ambassadors for Placencia and Belize.

To protect and preserve, we will lead by example. Splash supports programs such as the Whale Shark committee, lead reef cleanups on Earth Day, and encourage our customers to do the same. We will ensure that our dive masters, snorkel guides and adventure tour guides help our clients understand and enjoy our magnificent environment and the importance of our ecosystems.

We are committed to beneficial community participation. Our Splash Kids Club where local kids can learn to dive for free so that we can teach them the importance of protecting our environment so that they will have the opportunity to participate in sustainable tourism.  The Splash Running Team supports kids and youth training as well as competitive running in Belize. Splash will continue to contribute to community events and programs to assist our community groups to improve and protect the heritage with which we have been endowed.

Splash intends to have the most complete dive retail and modern equipment service in Belize. We will ensure that our dive equipment and boats are well appointed and maintained. Splash will ensure that all we do meets PADI standards and industry best practices. To achieve this, we will recruit, train and retain qualified staff that is committed to our Mission, our Vision and our Philosophy.

Splash Slogan

Fun, excitement, education, together we make a difference!