Belize Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Sites – the Best of the Barrier Reef

Splash Dive Center have to put together several different dive and snorkeling trips that entail the very areasthat the Belize Barrier reef has to offer for your Belize scuba diving or snorkeling trip.  This comes not just from our staff’s experience as Belizean Tour guides, but also from one of Splash’s co-owners Patty Ramirez experience working on the Peter Hughes Live aboard dive vessel for many years.

Placencia offers you the best gateway to dive the inner and outer reef systems, Glovers Reef,  the closest access to the Whale shark of Gladden Spit, packages that include diving the Belize Blue Hole, and on the top side, some of the nicest beaches and unspoiled areas in Belize.  The aquatic life varies in these different areas of the Belize Barrier reef and the topography ranges from sheer walls to fringing reef systems to atolls, patch reef and caverns.

Please select from the different areas on the links below or from the drop down on the horizontal menu bar to read more about the dive sites, creatures and topography in each area;

Avoid the crowds and scuba dive from Placencia with Splash