Scuba diving and snorkeling on Whale Shark day tours with Splash Dive Center, in Placencia, Belize

The pristine waters of Southern Belize are home of the gentle giants “The Whale Sharks”, during March, April, May and June during the full moon.


Gladden Spit, home to Placencia and Belizes Whale Sharks

Join us in the unforgettable adventure in the Gladden Spit with the Whale Sharks the largest fish in the world.

The Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve located near Placencia in Southern Belize, is a spawning aggregation site for many different tropical fish species including the cubera, mutton and dog snappers which produce tons of spawn. This spawning occurs around the full moon to last quarter during the months of March to June. This is what attracts the Whale Shark to the Gladden spit. Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the ocean growing up to lengths of 60 feet/18mt. Divers and snorkelers get a rare opportunity to swim along with this magnificent creature.

The wall here slopes down to 160 feet/50mt then drops off into the blue abyss. Diving is done in mid water at a depth no deeper than 80 feet/24mt in groups no larger than 12 divers with their dive masters. Special procedures are followed on this dive to ensure safety and to limit any harm that may be caused to the sharks. Snorkeling is done on the surface in open water, however snorkelers have an excellent chance of seeing the whale sharks as they come to the surface to feed.


Divers and snorkelers will likely see these majestic creatures very close up but are not allowed to chase, ride, touch nor otherwise disturb the whale sharks. Splash Dive Shop offers tours to Gladden Spit with professional guides to ensure your safety as well to protect these creatures.

These trips from Placencia are in high demand and our April and May trips normally sell out months in advance.

2022 Belize Whale Shark diving package dates:

  • March 18th to March 28th (not recommended due low success rate)
  • April 16th to April 26th
  • May 15th to  May 25th
  • June 14th to June 24th

We do not accept pre-booking for March as the success rate in March is low.  We only take guests if we know from our monitoring program that the whale sharks are there.

Note that the minimum age to go to the whale shark zone is 14.

There’s no higher chance of scuba diving or snorkeling with Whale sharks than with Splash Dive Centers Whale shark day trips and tours in Placencia