Glovers Reef Scuba and Snorkeling Day Trips to the Belize Barrier Reef System

Snorkel Glovers reef,  the southernmost of three atolls off of Belize’s coast.  The southern part of Glovers is approximately 30 nautical miles from Placencia, a journey which takes a little more than an hour and a half. The ride is certainly worth every minute as some of the best snorkel sites in the Caribbean and on Belize’s great barrier reef can be found here.  Boats leave Placencia at 06:00 and return at around 5:00 pm making this a fun filled excursion and adventure day trip.

The best snorkeling adventure tours at Glovers Reef on the Belize Barrier reef system

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Glovers Atoll is an oval shaped reef system 15 miles long by 4 miles wide.  Five Islands lie on the eastern side.  These islands are mostly privately owned with luxury and boutique small diving and fishing resorts. The pristine waters with unique coral formations and tons of marine life makes Glovers reef a popular spot for those snorkelers and snuba participants wanting to see the best Belize has to offer. Glovers reef is an UNESCO’s world heritage site and a marine reserve with designated no take and conservation zones.

South West Bed is known for beautiful healthy patches of corals and wildlife, which includes lobster, barracudas, lizardfish, Nassau grouper, angel fish, spotted eagle rays, tarpon, permit, Spanish rays, nurse shark and many, many colorful juvenile reef fish.  Our expert guides, registered with the Belizean Tour Operators will be on hand to point out the amazing aquatic life for you.

Enjoy an authentic Belize style picnic lunch and relax on the beach after your first exploration of this pristine site.

At South End at Glover’s Atoll we find a grassy patch where you may see manatees, tarpon, kingfish, parrot fish, angel fish, butterfly fish, nurse sharks, southern rays, spotted eagle rays and lots of other sea life.

Our snorkeling trips offer exciting adventure tours for individuals, couples and families and will give you a day to cherish from your time in Placencia, Belize.

We only take snorkelers to Glover’s when the weather is such that we are certain that the dive boat will be able to comfortably make the crossing from the Belize Barrier Reef to Glover’s Atoll.  In case of questionable weather, we will target Glover’s as the destination, with the fall back of going to South Water Caye depending on the boat captain’s evaluation of the sea state when the boat arrives at the cut to cross the barrier reef near South Water Caye.

If the boat captain concludes that the sea state is too rough to do the crossing, then the group dives at South Water Caye.  Unfortunately, there is not good snorkeling from shore at South Water Caye, so we are unwilling to take snorkelers when weather conditions are not ideal.

We can take a tentative booking for snorkeling at Glover’s subject to confirmation that the weather is suitable.


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Enjoy the very best of the snorkeling at Glovers Reef in Belize with Splash Dive Center on your vacation