Great News!  The Belize Tourism Board has simplified the process to visit Belize making Belize travel both safe and easy.  Tourist safety continues to be the top priority and the process to book tours and travel to Belize has been made easier.

Karen Bevans, Director of Tourism said “The relaxations in the restrictions are of course great news to the tourism industry.  But while that is great news, we also want to be mindful of the fact that persons traveling but the consideration on safety or the fact that safety is their number one consideration in choosing a destination.  With that said then, moving forward we plan to expand the safe corridor to include all tourism gold standard certification business within the tourism industry.  As you are aware, we already have the gold standard program for our hotels and tour operators and to date we have received around three hundred applications from hotels with two hundred being approved and uploaded to our website already and tour operators applications we received one hundred and seventy-five with one hundred and forty being approved and uploaded on the website.”

You must download the Belize App no more than 72 hours prior to arrival in Belize After filling out the eight-step application process, you will be provided with a unique QR code which must be presented to health authorities at the international airport on arrival.

You still need to be tested before you come or when you arrive.

 You must book your accommodation at a Gold Standard Hotel or Resort and book your tours with a Gold Standard Tour Operator

Tourists are asked to limit their movements to Gold Standard properties but can move around freely subject to local regulations.

At Splash we are up and running with all the covid-19 protocols in place.  We had a trip today with divers and students and are currently doing an Instructor Development Course. Our guides are ready to take you to experience incredible inland tour adventures in pristine jungle.

Belize travel is safe and easy.  We are ready to take your booking at Belize travel is safe and easy.  We are ready to take your booking at  or simply email us at