2010, 2021


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It was an eventful week at Splash Dive Center, as we prepared to celebrate PADI Women Dive Day. Quality and Safety has always been a part of all our services; that has changed a bit due Covid-19 as we now include Health with Quality and Safety!

We began the week by disinfecting and preparing the dive center, the shuttle, the equipment and boats. We set strategic sanitation stations, sneeze guards, social distance markers, social distance seating arrangements, and used an infrared thermometer to check guests and crew temperatures.  Splash is full on for adding health to our quality and safety standards.

Women […]

2403, 2021

Post-Pandemic Ethical Destination and Almost Covid Free Belize!

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Ethical Traveler has selected Belize as one of the best ten Post-Pandemic Ethical Destinations.  And there are now only 39 active covid cases in Belize. Belize Post-Pandemic Ethical Destination and almost covid free. What are you waiting for – time to head to Belize!

Ethical Traveler is a nonprofit organization seeking to use the economic clout of tourism to protect human rights and the environment. Ethical Traveler is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that does not solicit money or donations from any nations, governments, travel bureaus, or individuals in the creation of our annual list.  Check them out at https://ethicaltraveler.org/.  

Here is […]

1203, 2021

Time to Visit Nearly Covid-19 free Belize

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Belize is down to less than one hundred active covid-19 cases.  It is time to visit nearly COVID-19 free Belize!  Covid-19 has been nearly brought under control by wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands and keeping the bars closed (you can still get a drink in the restaurants).  Vaccinations have now started so we are hoping that the number of active cases will continue to drop. 

Coming to Belize is quite straight forward – key aspects are to download the Belize HEALTH APP and stay at a Gold Standard hotel or accommodation.  Splash Dive Center is a Gold Standard Tour Operator.

Download […]

512, 2020


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I realize Dr Fauci has not weighed in on this but clearly Covid-19 is threatening marine life!  Lionfish are native to coral reefs in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans.  There they have natural predators such as sharks, cornetfish, grouper, large eels, frogfish and other scorpion fish.  In the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, the only predators are divers!  We hope that in time, sharks and groupers in this area will start to hunt them to restore the ecological balance. 

Lionfish are an invasive species that were most likely introduced from aquarium releases, aquariums damaged by hurricanes for example.  They are […]

2811, 2020


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Craig Foster with octopus
2410, 2020

Belize Travel Safe and Easy

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Great News!  The Belize Tourism Board has simplified the process to visit Belize making Belize travel both safe and easy.  Tourist safety continues to be the top priority and the process to book tours and travel to Belize has been made easier.

Karen Bevans, Director of Tourism said “The relaxations in the restrictions are of course great news to the tourism industry.  But while that is great news, we also want to be mindful of the fact that persons traveling but the consideration on safety or the fact that safety is their number one consideration in choosing a destination.  With that […]

710, 2020

Belize Is Open, What To Expect

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We are happy to see that you are considering traveling to Belize and choosing Splash Dive Center as your preferred Gold Standard Tour Operator. We have enhanced and implemented hygiene and safety protocols for your travel safety. Belize is open and we want you to know what to expect before you book flights or accommodations. We recommend you visit https://www.travelbelize.org/health-safety to get the latest travel requirements for your Belize travels.

What to Expect when you Arrive to Belize

A Hospitality Meet and Greet.A Health Screening and Testing or verify certified PCR test results.Immigration and customs.To be transported to your […]

110, 2020

Splash Awarded Gold Standard Tour Operator Certificate

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Splash has been awarded the Gold Standard Tour Operator Certificate and with the Philip Goldson International Airport opening today, October 1, Splash is ready for your arrival in Belize.  We have implemented enhanced health and safety protocols for the protection of your guests and the protection of our crews.  We are ready to go!

The opening of the international airport comes during Phase III of five staged Phases.  During this Phase III, tourists must book tours and activities using a Gold Standard Hotel who is also has a Gold Standard Safe Corridor Certificate.  

If you plan to visit Belize, let us […]

1208, 2020

COVID 19- Resource Center

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We are looking forward to the day when tourists and old friends can return to Belize.  In the meantime, we are preparing for your next visit to Belize.  We have installed facilities and implemented programs to protect our guests, our crews, and our suppliers.  If you want to dive or snorkel with Splash Belize, you must wear a mask unless you have a scuba regulator or snorkel in your mouth or are eating or drinking.  We have lots of space at our dive center and on our boats to ensure social distancing.  We sterilize dive and snorkel gear and our […]

1108, 2020


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Belize had covid-1919 under control until late last week.  Unfortunately, there has been a surge in covid-19 cases over the past few days.  Ambergris Caye and three villages in Orange Walk District are now under quarantine – no one is allowed in or out.

The Ministry of Health confirmed a number of new cases bringing the total number of active cases to 120.  Most of these cases are in San Pedro (76) in Ambergris Caye where three clusters were identified.   Contract tracing is underway.  The Ministry says the source of these current infections is unclear.

It is believed that the source for […]