Take the PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course and Discover a Deeper Aquatic World

The PADI Deep Diver specialty is ideal for divers who want to explore dive sites at deeper depths, from 60ft/18mt to 130ft/40mt. In this 2 days course you'll learn how to plan and execute 4 dives in the range of 60-100ft/18-40mt, perform emergency decompression stops, practice under professional supervision deep diving techniques and learn about the additional equipment used in deep diving activities.

The PADI Deep Diver specialty course with Splash Dive Centers professional staff is a lot of fun, as we'll take you to some of the deeper sites on Placencia’s reefs to perform the dives and accompanying tasks. There are some impressive drop off's and walls in Southern Belize, and you'll soon see a change in corals taking on more plate like form (to catch the sunlight) at depth, and groupers hiding out ready to ambush prey.

padi deep course placencia belize

The minimum age for this course is 12 years old and to be a certified Adventure Diver. This course also compliments with the Enriched Air and the wreck diver courses.

See the impressive deep diving sites in Placencia, Belize