Take the PADI Digital Photography Course and Create your Own Everlasting Memories

The PADI Digital Photography course is perfect for divers who want to improve their techniques for taking better photos underwater, improving composition of subjects, and using the cameras manual settings to take better photos by adjusting the cameras aperture and shutter speeds, reading histograms and setting the white balance.  This course will also teach you care and maintenance tips for your camera and housing, and after the dives we'll conduct an editing session to show how you can improve your photos on land using digital editing software.

Discover how much you can improve your photos underwater and by moving away from your dependency on the ‘auto’ feature to take better photos.

With visibility between 60-100ft/18-30mt, and an abundance of aquatic life on Placencia’s reefs, with some of the healthiest corals in Southern Belize and the Western Caribbean, you can't find a better location to learn digital photography.

underwater photography course belize

This course is available to certified divers and snorkelers, above the age of 10 years old and can be completed in 1 day.  The course includes 1 knowledge review and 2 practical sessions and 2 dives.  Now with the PADI e-learning option, it is also possible for participants in this course to complete the reading portion and knowledge review prior to arriving in Belize, so they get their most from their vacation in Placencia and can enjoy more time in their resort or at the beach with family and friends.

You'll never ‘Belize’ the amazing aquatic life you photograph on the PADI Digital Photography course in Placencia!