Take the PADI Enriched Air/Nitrox course with Splash in Placencia and extend your bottom times in Belize!

The PADI Enriched Air specialty class, also referred to as Nitrox, allows divers to stay down for longer, with an extended no decompression limit, due to a slightly higher percentage of Oxygen in their scuba tank, which lowers the level of nitrogen they absorb. Enriched Air/Nitrox diving is now a mainstream accepted means of scuba diving, and will allow divers on dive packages with us to have an extended bottom time. This is particularly helpful in the 60-100ft/18-30mt range and is ideal on Placencia’s deep reef systems.  Due to the great water clarity and sunlight, there is an abundance of aquatic life for divers to enjoy at depth. Enriched Air/Nitrox also benefits those divers who want to make several dives in one day, as part of their dive package with us, as they can have shorter surface intervals, or extended repetitive dives.

As the majority of dive computers now come with a enriched air/nitrox mode, dive planning has never been easier. Enriched Air/Nitrox also complements other specialty areas of scuba diving such as wreck, deep and digital photography.

The PADI Enriched Air/Nitrox specialty can be completed in 1 day, and with the PADI E-learning option, it is also possible for participants in this course to complete the reading portion and knowledge review prior to arriving in Belize, so they get their most from their vacation in Placencia and can enjoy more time in their resort or at the beach with family and friends.


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