If you have been to Belize before you probably know what to expect, and where to head to experience the natural beauty of Belize and the Caribbean Sea. However, if this is your first trip to Belize here are a few “need to knows” to help you get started and plan your next Belize scuba diving trip:
Belize Scuba Diving
1. Official Language in Belize: English
Belize is a tiny country located between Mexico and Guatemala and is the ONLY country in Central America whose official language is English.
2. Belize Currency Exchange 
U.S Dollars are generally accepted but the currency of Belize is Belize Dollars (BZD), which exchange rate is steady at $1USD=$2BZD.
3. Entry Requirements to Belize
Visas are not required for citizens of:  the United States, Canada, Caribbean Countries, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, or Venezuela.
4. Belize Accommodations
            Belize offers a wide array of accommodations from
5. Best Known Scuba Diving Spots 
            Belize is not only home to the second largest Barrier Reef in the world,(second only to  Australia’s Great Barrier Reef) and the famous Blue Hole but three of the four atolls in the western hemisphere and hundreds of cayes.  Belize is a Diving Mecca,   There are more dive sites than we can name in this short article, but here are a few of the most popular ones:
6. Take advantage of new scuba dive courses
Splash Dive Center is not only a PADI Resort Facility but is also an Instructor Development Center located in Placencia, Belize. Contact Splash Dive Center to find out more about E-learning Dive courses that are also available.
Start planning your next Belize dive trip, contact Patty at patricia@splashbelize.com.belize.com for more information.