We will be doing a dive trip tomorrow to Silk Cayes and to checkout our policies and procedures in this covid-19 world.  Our equipment has all been disinfected, all surfaces sanitized, and we are ready to go.  The objective of our updated procedures is to protect the safety and health of our guests and employees.  The main components are wearing of masks, social distancing and clean/disinfect/sanitize.

The mask rule is simple.  If you are not eating lunch or do not have a dive regulator or snorkel in your mouth you must wear a mask.

We have a large dive center and lots of outside space.  We have established “guest stations” to maintain social distancing.  Our social distancing practice is persons living under the same roof are effectively treated as one person in terms of maintaining social distancing.  This is particularly important in determining the size of the boat to be used.

The old adage “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” has never been more true than since the arrival of the unseen covid-19.  All of our dive and snorkel gear is rinsed and then disinfected after every dive and snorkel trip.  We do regular sanitation of all surfaces that are touched by employees and guests including door handles, counter tops, bathroom fixtures, pens used to sign up, etc.  We have sanitation stations in strategic locations for the use of our guests and employees.

We take no more than 6 guests at a time in our 16-seater vans and we sanitize the vans after every trip.

We expect to resume inland tours once the international airport opens and have similar procedures and policies for the protection of guests and employees doing inland adventure and cultural tours.

Belize after being covid-19 free for 2 months now has two reported cases.  A Belizean returning on a cruise ship as part of an established procedure was tested and found to have the virus.  A Belizean woman illegally crossing from Guatemala was arrested, tested and found to have the virus. Contact tracing is underway.

The big question is when will our international airport open?  The industry is preparing with the expectation that tourists will be back by the start of the high season or even sooner.

June 13