Need a reason to visit Belize? How about 5?


My husband, Ben and I vacationed in Belize for a week and if you ask me to give you one good reason to visit Belize, I honestly cannot! I simply cannot state one good reason, as there are many. Belize may be a small country but it is unique and exotic! I may not be able to give you ONE reason to visit Belize but I have narrowed them down to FIVE! They are just some things worth experiencing before leaving Belize.

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1.      Quick and Easy Travels                          

Getting to Belize is no mystery and no hassle! Belize is only a two hours flight from the United States. My husband and I flew out of Miami and we were surprised of the short distance. Approximately two hours after takeoff and we had landed on earth’s paradise.

Although Belize is in Central America, surrounded by Spanish speaking countries, it is actually an English speaking country. Without the language barrier it was easy to communicate with the locals and learn a lot more about Belize.

American dollars are accepted everywhere in Belize and the exchange rate is  $1.00 USD to $2.00 BZD; it is a convenient and stable currency exchange rate that allows for a profitable return.

Did I mention that Belize is a small country filled with great adventures? In addition to it being small it is easy to explore, as most of the destinations are only a short drive or flight away from each other. Imagine exploring wildlife and marine life all in one day!

2.      Marine Life   

Belize may have been known as “mother nature’s best kept secret” but with such great wonders such as having the longest Barrier Reef in the Western Hemisphere, it can no longer be called a secret. The Barrier Reef of Belize is home to a vast array of marine life. Over 60 different types of corals, soft and hard, can be found on the reefs near Placencia, Belize.

When in Belize be sure to visit the Great Blue Hole. The Blue Hole is a natural wonder and a must for all divers and snorkelers. Ben and I had the most amazing time flying over the Great Blue Hole. The view up on top was as stunning as diving amidst the multitude of sea creatures and corals. 

Similar to the Caribbean islands, Belize has its fair share of island life. Relax on the beach and take in the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.


3.      Jungle Adventure

Belize’s natural jungle is full of ultimate adventures from kayaking, zip lining, caving, cave tubing, rappelling, and birding, to name a few. Ben and I got an adrenaline rush as we soared through the treetops in the jungle. After zip lining we got a chance to take it easy by cave tubing in the dark mysterious cave, where we saw and learned a lot about limestone formations.

Belize is also known to house the world’s only Jaguar preserve, the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary & Jaguar Preserve.  The Belize’s Jungle unspoiled nature is definitely worth exploring.

4.      Culture

Cultural diversity in Belize is  amazing. It certainly took me by surprise when I learned that they are  eight ethnic groups living harmoniously in Belize: Mayas, Creole, Garifuna, Mestizo, East Indian, Asians, Caucasians, and Mennonites. This cultural diversity not only makes Belize unique, but also, rich in culture. The food, dance, and traditions continue to be appreciated and practiced throughout the year in Belize.




5.  History & Archaeology

Belize’s history is evident in each district with the presence of ancient Mayan temples and tombs. The Mayan civilization was one of great mystery. The Mayan built great structures using nothing more than  stone and wooden tools in the Classic period. To be able to view and even climb these ancient temples today  is a momentous experience.

Our vacation to Belize was more than a single adventure. It was many adventures and life experiences packed in one week of pure delight. If anyone should ask for one good reason to visit Belize, I can only answer with 5 good reasons!

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