Take the PADI Naturalist specialty course and improve your knowledge of Belize and Caribbean reef systems

The PADI Naturalist specialty course is perfect for nature lovers, environmentalists and aquatic life enthusiasts and will enhance your diving experiences. In this course you'll learn about the relationships between aquatic life on the reef, including symbiotic, mutualism and parasitic, and you'll also learn to identify areas of human impact on the reef, so you can make a positive change.

padi naturalist specialty placencia belize  coral naturalist course padi placencia

This course is open to any certified diver with a minimum age of 10 years old, and includes 1 knowledge review session and 2 open water scuba dives. The coral reef systems, dive sites, and abundant aquatic life around Placencia in Southern Belize make this the perfect location to take this PADI specialty class.

Our guides are experts in local aquatic life, and will enhance this course with their intimate knowledge of the Belizean eco systems, and leave you wanting more, and with an enriched dive experience every time you take to the water. This specialty also integrates well with our scuba diving packages, and fun dive trips for certified divers.

This course compliments with the PADI Fish ID course, Whale Shark and Digital Photography courses.

Learning about Fish,symbiotic, parasitic and mutualism relationships make this an exciting course, for you to get more from your scuba diving