PADI Skin Diver training, courses and certification in Placencia, Belize

More closer encounters with Belize's reef and aquatic life

The PADI Skin Diver certification is a half day course that trains and teaches participants to go beyond the surface of snorkeling and to make breath hold free dives to get closer to the creatures on a coral reef, and more enjoyable aquatic interactions. After this PADI course with our Instructors, you'll be amazed at how much longer you can safely breathe hold for, and descend underwater and get closer to the fish and other creatures.

There are no pre-requisites to enroll in this course, and it is open for anyone from the ages of 8-80 years old, who is in good medical health with no adverse conditions, and wants to have a fun time in the water.


In this course you'll spend a session with our experienced Instructors learning about basic physiology, pressure and water, the equipment of a skin diver, and general skills and the aquatic environment. The theory will teach you about safety and improve your confidence both on the surface and underwater as a free diver. Once you've sat through the class session with our PADI Instructors, we'll take you for a confined water training session where you'll learn how to blast clear a snorkel, make a safe descent and ascent underwater on one breathe, swim 15 meters/50ft underwater, and basic hand signal communication at the surface and underwater. Then we'll take you for an optional skin dive on the coral reef systems of Placencia where you'll get to apply these newly acquired skin diving skills on a coral reef and interact with aquatic life and fish.

This course results in a PADI Skin Diver certification, and we can also integrate this with the PADI Digital Photography course as well so not only will you receive dual certifications, but you'll be able to take great photos of the creatures and corals you see from your trip to Placencia and Belize to impress family and friends, and have a lifelong souvenir.

Every trip you make in the future to the water, whether a coral reef or other aquatic environment, will open a whole new world to you as a certified Skin Diver and will give you more enjoyment than just snorkeling.

Free dive below the surface and see more than snorkeling