Belize is paradise on earth with the longest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere and mysteries abound in the extensive areas of pristine jungle in wildlife sanctuaries, forest reserves and national parks.  That is why you want to come here as soon as you can and as often as you can!  We are waiting for you and ask you to do your best to help keep Belize pristine.

Here are a few things you can do to help Mother Nature.

Eating and Plastics:  We have lots of great food in Belize but please avoid take out in single use plastic containers.  We all relied a lot on take-out during the covid-19 lockdown days, but they are mostly behind us.  Cook for yourself in one of the many well-equipped accommodations in Belize or go to local restaurants and sample Belize cooking.  Carry a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go.  Deposit any trash in designated bins.

Even better, join one of our beach cleanups.  You can find the next scheduled one on Facebook at Splash Dive Center Belize by Patty Ramirez.  You can work from the beach or snorkel in the sea.

Jungle and Beach:  We have lots of beaches and the lowest population density in Central America so social distancing is easy to achieve but to experience Belize you will be out in the sun.  On the beach please use reef safe sunscreen or better yet, wear a rash guard and a hat.  Many sunscreens cause coral bleaching and are banned in some areas like Hawaii.

Flying over Belize you can see that social distancing inland is easy to achieve – from the air Belize looks like it is almost entirely green jungle.  When you visit the jungle, carry out everything that you carried in – leave nothing but footprints.

Diving:  Great buoyancy will enhance your diving experience, reduce your air consumption, and most importantly, will protect the reef from accidental contact.  We encourage divers to do the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty (PPB) before coming to Belize or do it with us when you arrive.  Additional cost of doing PPB adds 20% to the cost of just doing two dives so not a big incremental cost.

Doing a lionfish safari is another great contribution to protection of the reef.   This invasive species is having an enormous negative impact on marine life and the reef.  We offer lionfish spearing safaris to our guests so that you can help protect the reef and at the same time bring home the dinner!  Lionfish are delicious.

Do your dives in one of Belize’s many National Parks and Marine Reserves!  Almost all of Splash destinations are in marine reserves or national parks.

 Please Help.  Be a model tourist and when you get home, share your experience and teach others.  Become an ambassador for Belize to preserve and protect this incredibly special part of our planet.

When Can You Come:  We still do not know when the Belize international airport will open.  Belize has covid-19 under control at the moment.  While we are waiting for the airport to open tourism stakeholders are preparing for your amazing but safe and healthy experience in Belize.