“Buiti Binafi” (Good Morning) is what you would hear when entering a Garifuna Restaurant, hotel, guesthouse or one of the many local stores in the beautiful town of Dangriga. The rich cultural history and friendly locals makes Dangriga town a must visit. Dangriga is located in southeast coast of Belize and is approximately 2.5 miles off the Caribbean coast.

The Garifuna people, Garinagu hold a strong spiritual tie to Dangriga as it is one of the first dwelling places of their ancestry. The Garinagu are a mixture of Amerindians and African decent. The people today, continue to practice their culture via their food, music, and language. The music: Punta rock is a sound upbeat rhythm with the drums being the primary instrument alongside the maracas, guitar, and turtle shells. Many great artists such as: Penn Cayetano, Andy Palacio, and Paul Nabor, to name a few have called Dangriga their home.

Experience Cultural Capital, Dangriga Town, BelizeCultural Capital, Dangriga Town, Belize

Dangriga Town is a 2.5 hour drive from Belize City heading south. You can get to Dangriga via public transportation, bus, or taking a short twenty-five minute flight from either Belize City, or the international airport. If you plan on driving you will encounter one of the most scenic drive, through coconut palms, and citrus orchards, the vibrant natural green color is immensely beautiful.

Whilst in Dangriga plan a trip to the any of the following attractions:

  • 5 Blues Lake National Park
  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve
  • Southwater Caye
  • Tobacco Caye

To name a few… whilst in town visit the only Garifuna Museum to learn more about the Garifuna culture and its history.

Let the drums welcome you to a new experience, a different way of life, a new culture. Lets us help you plan your Dangriga visit and email us at patricia@splashbelize.com