What to do when in Belize?

Belize is a country saturated with diversity!
Millions of Tourist from all over the world visits the remarkable country of Belize every year to dive into the scintillating fabric of diversity that clothe the nation with uniqueness. Rich in beauty, fortified with a phenomenal history, filled with delicious food, and amplified with love and a genuine amicable atmosphere. Belize has become a popular vacation destination for families, friends and celebrities, year in, year out.

Saturated with diversity, Belize is home to over twenty different cultures with diverse languages, ranging amongst English, Spanish, Garifuna, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Kriol, three distinct Mayan variations, and various […]

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Southwest Airlines to Belize!

Southwest Airlines has done it again! The world’s largest low-cost carrier and a major U.S. airline has added additional flights to Belize.

On October 15, 2015, Southwest celebrated their inaugural flight direct to Belize from Houston, Texas.  Well, with the viral news of the wonders of this tiny country, Belize, Southwest is capitalizing in on the fun.  The airline today has announced its new flight direct to Belize from Ft. Lauderdale! Flights commence on June 4, 2017. With its cost saving benefits flights are projected to be as low as $ 79.00 each way.

Flying to Belize just got easier!  Along, with this great […]

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Vote for The Blue Hole, TODAY

Do you want an opportunity to give back to Belize’s beautiful Caribbean Sea?

USA TODAY’s 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards has listed Belize’s Blue Hole as a contender for Best Caribbean Dive Site.

We are certain that Belize has a few of the best dive sites around the world. Divers experience warm waters, clear diving visibility, and view a multitude of marine species. The Blue Hole is a part of the Belize Barrier Reef System, a World Heritage site.  Charles Darwin himself stated the reef to be “the richest and most remarkable coral reefs in the western Caribbean”.

The Blue Hole, a sinkhole created after […]

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Jungle Tours in Belize

Belize’s Jungle

Jungle tours in Belize are amazing! Of course,  as long as I am feeling safe during a thrilling adventurous tour my guide has to be doing something right. Belize occupies 80% of forestry most of them are under government protection. The forest provides the perfect habitat for animals, birds, and tropical flowers and plants.

This week I had an exciting opportunity to enjoy the natural habitat that Belize has to offer via a thrilling ride zip lining not far from Belize City.

My Zip line Experience

The thought of flying through the jungle was scary. I was a bit at […]

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Belize Celebration

September calls for celebrations all month long.  Indeed, it is a celebration to look forward to from the selection of the National Patriotic Song, Independence Day Parade, and all the events leading to the Gran Carnival, the hype is on. As a matter of fact, the patriotic colors: red, white, and blue and the Belizean flag fill the streets.  It is clearly the celebration of our Independence!

The history of the start of the celebration extends back since the 1970’s.  Particularly the hope and outlook of a better society  struggled to gain its Independence. Once, a small British Colony, named British Honduras, this […]

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Splash Dive Center Belize

Team Splash

The Splash team welcomes visitors to their PADI certified 5-Star Dive Center. The team is dedicated to providing all our guests with highest standards of service; we aim to make our dive trips educational, informative and fun. Splash Dive Center doesn’t deliver tours but delivers the experience of a lifetime.

Patricia Ramirez, is the founder and owner of Splash Dive Center, diving is a passion and hosting guest is what she enjoys doing. Patty is the PADI certified course Director at Splash. She enjoys giving back to her community becoming an ambassador for environmental friendly activities in Placencia. Together with her […]

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Splash in Hopkins

If you have ever had the chance to dive or snorkel in Belize with Splash Dive Center then you have experienced a 5 star PADI certified professional diving experience. When planning your diving or snorkeling tour we aim to make sure each tour is unique to your needs providing educational, informative, and fun packages. Our first-class equipment is maintained daily as we prioritize in safety diving practice.

Splash Dive Center is the largest dive operator in Southern Belize that specializes in providing world class diving on the Meso-American Barrier Reef and three atolls found in our Belize waters. Although our headquarters […]

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Paradise Found in Placencia, Belize

A recount of an amazing Belize Vacation by Stephanie Patterson. Splash Dive Center is glad to have been a part of your Belize Vacation.

Paradise Found in Placencia, Belize

Before arriving in Placencia, I worried I wouldn’t like it.

People offered up activities for John and me to do incase we got bored during our 4 night stay. I knew the village itself was small. I hadn’t visited last year, so a little fear of the unknown was at play.

Yet I still felt the pull of Placencia, my gut telling me it was worth going, so I chose it as our main beach […]

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Protecting the Belize Barrier Reef: Lionfish Safaris

Splash Dive Center Protecting the Belize Barrier Reef: Lionfish Safaris

Splash Dive Center is dedicated to saving the reef one Lionfish at a time. Every year through the hype of the Lobster fest the Splash Team conducts one of its annual Lionfish Safaris. Taking care of the coral reef should come first to anyone who enjoys the sport of diving.

It is important to note that the Lionfish also known as Pterois volitans are a venomous species of fish. Lionfish are known as one of the top predators both to humans and other marine creatures. This creature can grow as large as 18 […]

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Protecting the Marine Environment

Belize Protecting our Marine Environment: Splash Clean Up!

Splash Dive Center is more than just a diving center. Splash Dive Center is focused on giving back to the community and to the environment.  The Caribbean Community Secretariat (2003) states the quantity of waste is closely linked to the level of economic activity in a country.  Like with many other countries the marine environment is important to Belize as it provides a way of life for many. Protecting our environment protects the marine species’ habitat. Each day we head out to sea we witness the diversity of the marine species and would […]

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