Belize Rainforest

Top 5 Jungle Expeditions – Belize Rainforest

Planning my trip to Belize and the Belize rainforest took a bit of research. Many of my close friends and family didn’t know much about Belize and questioned my vacation plans to visit a small unknown country.   In fact, I found that the tourist business slogan for Belize was “Nature’s Best Kept Secreti”.  However, Belize was exactly what I needed. Belize is certainly a natural beauty with its untouched tropical rainforest. As with many developed countries roads and skyscrapers have taken the beauty of nature away from us, the natural habitat of many animals […]

More than just the Deep Blue – Belize Ruins

Archeological tours – Belize Ruins!

My family and I decided to go the extra mile and explore Belize a bit more and we were all happy we made the decision to experience the Mayas in Belize. We were in for an early start leaving Splash Dive Center in Placencia, by road at 6:00 am. I had no doubt that we were on an adventurous and rewarding journey as we headed back to 600 AD visiting Belize ruins!  Archeologists believe that the temples in Xunantunich (pronounced shoo-nan-too-neech), located in the Cayo district dates back to the early Classical Period. It is unimaginable […]

You’ll Go Bananas!

Belize Banana Tours

Driving north of the Placencia peninsula it is difficult to miss the acres of bananas. It is true that Placencia is known for its perfect barefoot beaches, its diverse cayes located between Placencia and the Great Barrier Reef, its tranquil tours through the Monkey River, the jungle, Maya ruins and the unbelievable snorkeling and scuba diving reserves such as the Silk Cayes, Glover’s Reef and Laughing Bird Caye National Park. However, these are only a few of the activities Placencia has to offer. Recently, the Sagitun Farms located near Riversdale on the Placencia Peninsula has opened its doors […]

Belize Peace Corp Volunteers – Placencia Scuba Diving Specials!

Natalie Macias, Shaz Davison, Warren Garbutt (Instructor) & Michelle Thompson.

Splash had the privilege of working with three wonderful Belize Peace Corp Volunteers, who wanted to get their open water certification. We want to congratulate Natalie Macias, Shaz Davison & Michelle Thompson.

Learning to assemble the diving gear BCD, Dive tank, and regulator and checkin the BCD

Shaz having a great time being underwater.
Again congrats guys on doing this… we are ever so happy you choose Splash Dive Center.
We hope to see you all very soon, and we look forward to our next Earth Day event, with you and maybe other volunteers joining […]

Splash Dive Center grounds has its own little Belize flora and fauna.

The term “flora” comes from Latin language Flora, the goddess of plants, flowers, and fertility in Roman mythology. The corresponding term for animal life is fauna.

Photo by: James Cleeve Westby – Yellow Bell

Everyday I sit back and enjoy the beauty of our garden that surround our center. We have so many different types of plants and flowers. My favourite are the hibiscus plants at least that what I think we call them… there are so many colors, We have a yellow bell, a pink bell and of course the red bell, which the cinnamon humming birds seem to like very […]

Placencia Accommodation Spotlight on Dianni’s Guesthouse

Dianni’s Guesthouse Placencia Village

One of the Nicest Placencia Accommodation Options
Every now and then we like to put a spot light on folks we work with in Placencia, and today that Business is no other than Dianni’s Guesthouse, one of the popular Placencia accommodation options.
Dianni’s Guest House is located on the southern shores of the Placencia Peninsula, which offers visitors to Placencia quiet, comfortable, affordable accommodations with spacious verandas overlooking lush gardens.
Inside the guest house you will find everything you need for your overnight visit, long weekend, or extended stay.
Dianni’s is located within minutes’ walk to local restaurants, stores and other […]

Patience, Team Work and Determination – Childrens Scuba!

There is a lot that Splash Dive Center does in and around Placencia Village but to name one that is close to Patty’s heart and to Splash Dive Instructor Team is the Juniors Club that focuses on childrens scuba diving courses and dive activities. Patty founded the Splash Kids Club, which helps kids from the local community to get certified as PADI Junior Open Water divers. “Not only does this help the kids enjoy the rewards of scuba diving, but it gets them started on a potential career as a local guide or PADI Instructor, and more importantly educates them […]

Welcome to Splash Dive Center Belize & Destination Management Company

Splash Dive Center is located in the sleepy yet vibrant community of Placencia Village on the pristine peninsula of southern Belize. Since 2000, Splash Dive Center Belize has grown from a small operation focusing on scuba instruction, to a community driven PADI resort facility that not only provides dive and snorkeling packages, instruction courses and inland tours but a host of full fledge services that makes the dive center today a successful destination management company.
Our team of Belize specialists stands ready to offer all guests a complete package of all your travel logistics and needs in country from entering into […]