Placencia Street Festival

 The Placencia Street Festival is one of the most sought after festivals for many local artists. It can be said to be the mecca for many young Belizean entrepreneurs who are actively looking for avenues to get their work known. Placencia Street Festivals does just this for most Belize artist. It goes without saying that this is the biggest and the only Festival that sets Belize talent front stage and centered.

Placencia Village is the perfect place to host a Street Festival due to it’s very high concentration of local artist. On an average day you can encounter many locals painting the beautiful sceneries Placencia has to offer and our local wood workers carving away a new sculpture.

Things to Look Forward to| Placencia Street Festival

Year in and year out, this festival draws artist from every corner of Belize. Here are some of our all time favorites.

  • Alex Sanka – Painter
  • Walter Castillo- Painter
  • Khadija Assales- Jewelry Maker
  • Caroline Carr – Documentary Painter

If you are looking of one of a kind gift for your loved ones? Placencia Street Festival is the perfect place to pick up a cool and unique gift to take back home. From Drum making crafters, to Lion fish jewelry and plenty of local Plaencia picturesque scenes to pick from before heading back home